The 2023 season was supposed to be a breakout year for the Chicago Bears, but it has been far from it so far. Many believed that Justin Fields would be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL this season, but so far, he just hasn't looked the part. He has struggled mightily, along with the rest of this Bears team, and Chicago is off to an 0-3 start on the season. Not only are they 0-3, but they have also lost by double digits in every game, and two of those losses were complete blowouts. The team is certainly not happy with where they are at, and one player that seems especially upset is wide receiver Chase Claypool. He hasn't done a lot of damage yet, and he seems to think that he is being misused a little but.

“Sometimes the things around you either elevate you or you have to adapt to allow you to elevate with them,” Chase Claypool said according to an article from the Chicago Sun Times. “So I've just been adapting to the new system and my new role in the system and tryin to make the most of it.”

The article went on to say that when Claypool was asked if the Bears were putting him in the best position to showcase his skills, he shook his head no. This is certainly not an ideal situation for the Bears right now.

Chicago has to figure out what the issue is and they need to figure it out quick. The Bears play the Denver Broncos this weekend, a team who is also 0-3, and Denver gave up 70 points in a loss last week to the Miami Dolphins. The game is at home for the Bears, yet they are still a 3.5-point underdog. That illustrates just how bad things have been for this team so far this season.