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Bills legend Andre Reed says Kelvin Benjamin needs to squash beef with Cam Newton

Kelvin Benjamin

Although the preseason just started, it is never too early for petty nonsense. This was made clear by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton and Buffalo Bills wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin following a somewhat heated exchange.

It appears Bills Hall of Famer Andre Reed was not a big fan of Benjamin’s actions. He said via TMZ Sports that Benjamin needs to move on from the whole fiasco:

“A lot of times you’re not going to like everybody you work with and things are going to arise,” Reed tells us.

“The next step for him is, ‘Okay, that’s over with. Now it’s up to me to be healthy … and help this Buffalo Bill team win and be a formidable factor when I’m out there on the field.'”

There is certainly plenty of truth to Reed’s comments. The seeds of their apparent feud began when Benjamin was traded to Buffalo during the 2017 campaign. Amidst his struggles with injuries and on-field performance, he inferred that he may not have been in that situation if he had a more accurate quarterback throughout his career.

Despite what was a deliberate shot at Newton’s accuracy, the Panthers’ star still took it upon himself to initiate the conversation. However, it is clear that Benjamin was having none of it and the two soon went their separate ways.

Regardless of the nature of their relationship, it is never beneficial for players to hold certain grudges. Especially with former teammates whom one has shared several seasons with. The jury is still out on whether or not Benjamin can follow through on the flashes of promise he has shown in the past. Until then, it may be best for him to heed Reed’s advice and just move on.