Bills news: Buffalo denies attending Colin Kaepernick's workout
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Bills deny attending Colin Kaepernick’s workout

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Following Colin Kaepernick’s workout on Saturday, there were eight NFL teams who were confirmed to be in attendance. Just a day later, the Buffalo Bills deny attending Kaepernick’s workout per Adam Schefter.

At first, the teams who were reported to watch the free-agent quarterback throw on Saturday were the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, Tennessee Titans, San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions, and the Bills.

The Bills have since refuted the report and exclaimed that they didn’t send anyone to attend. Therefore, there is still one team that has yet to be confirmed as being in attendance on Saturday.

Originally, Kaepernick’s workout was planned to take place at the Atlanta Falcons’ practice facility. After the free-agent quarterback was unsatisfied with the specifics of the NFL’s planned workout, he relocated to another venue.

Before moving the event, there were at least 24 teams who were confirmed to be in attendance. Once the workout was relocated, some teams likely decided it wasn’t worth their time to make the one-hour trip to the new venue.

It remains to be seen if Buffalo ever had any interest in attending Kaepernick’s workout. But if they did, it would make a ton of sense for the Bills.

The Bills are extremely confident in Josh Allen being their franchise quarterback for the future. With the way that Allen plays, he takes plenty of hits and has actually missed time this year because of a concussion.

At this moment, Matt Barkley is the only other quarterback on the roster behind Allen. Even at 32-years-old, Kaepernick showed on Saturday that he is still in remarkable shape and can throw the ball down the field.

While the Bills are set at their starting quarterback spot, Kaepernick would provide them with a formidable backup.