The Buffalo Bills are now officially out of the NFL Playoffs. It was a hard-fought battle. However, the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes just came up clutch to seal the deal at Highmark Stadium. Sean McDermott and Josh Allen tried to claw their way back into this game but it was one heartbreak after another. It ended in another wide right kick. But, it was Damar Hamlin and their fake punt call that happened first.

Sean McDermott and the Bills elected for a fake punt against the Chiefs. Damar Hamlin tried to make the play work. But, he got clobbered under a lot of pressure from the opposing team. Fans absolutely blasted this call as the Bills started to go down.

“A fake punt to Hamlin at that moment was insane behavior. They were more worried about a cool story over playing logically lol,” and “A “Damar Hamlin fake punt was so un serious lmao like the Chiefs were gonna let him get it because of what he dealt with,” were just some sentiments thrown around.

Now, fans are starting to call for the firing of the Bills head coach.

“Sean McDermott has to go because his decision-making has been very poor. A fake punt in your own territory and kicking a FG to tie the game in the wind? He’s for sure out,” a fan said.

Another member of the Bills Mafia just had to summarize how their agony went down,” The fake punt, Allen chucking it instead of Diggs, and the FG miss. Buffalo choked.”

It was a good run until Josh Allen's Bills got into a position for the curse of a wide right kick to strike once again.