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Bills GM says ‘nothing’s changed’ with LeSean McCoy situation

LeSean McCoy, Bills

In the last few weeks, Buffalo Bills star running back LeSean McCoy has been under investigation by the league for his possible involvement in a break-in at his ex-girlfriend’s house that left her beaten by the thieves.

According to Kate Brumback of The Associated Press, Bills general manager Brandon Beane has voiced that there isn’t any update at this current juncture with the entire situation.

“Nothing’s changed, and we see LeSean here for the future,” Beane told The Associated Press in the first public comments made by a team official since McCoy’s ex-girlfriend raised the allegations in a lawsuit filed in Fulton County, Georgia, on Friday.

“You take all allegations seriously, but until the police say there’s something there, we’re not going to act on anything without them saying there’s legit evidence,” Beane said. “It’s an open investigation. Nothing has come forward that said any of these things are true. So until that would happen, I don’t think anything will ever change.”

The NFL is likely taking some thorough measures into investigating the matter in order to get the proper assessment of the entire situation. There are also allegations that he abused his dog and severely disciplined his son. It is a serious situation that could land in some possible punishment from the league that could see McCoy off the field for a lengthy period of time if he’s found to be connected in any manner.

Throughout this entire process, McCoy has voiced that he had no affiliation with the ordeal while deciding not to discuss things any further than that. It is something that is now out of his hands as the NFL is looking into it themselves to determine what exactly transpired.

In the meantime, McCoy will still be able to participate in training camp and the preseason and is set to be on the field for Week 1 of the regular season until otherwise.