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Bills rookie Josh Allen to start in Week 2 vs. Chargers

Josh Allen, Bills

After a drubbing at the hand of the Baltimore Ravens in Week 1, the Buffalo Bills are turning to Josh Allen against the Los Angeles Chargers, according to Chris Mortenson of ESPN.

Nathan Peterman got the start in Week 1 and struggled going 5-of-18 for 24 yards and two interceptions. Allen didn’t do much better but being a first round pick he is the future of this team. He went  6-of-15 for 74 yards and was sacked three times. The Bills had said they wanted to bring Allen along slow and it was never the plan to start him this early but it seems the team doesn’t have a choice.

Allen’s athleticism and ability to make intermediate throws were plus-factors and the staff believes it will enable the run game to enjoy more success, sources told ESPN.

The offensive line struggled against the Ravens but Peterman also had trouble getting out of his own way, and a couple of the sacks were his fault. That combined with his inability to hit open receivers and throwing the ball to the Ravens the coaching staff decided it was time to make the change.

Coach Sean McDermott is expected to address the change later Wednesday, and it will be interesting to hear his comments on the change. Is this a permanent change or is there a chance that they could keep switching quarterbacks all season. Doing that would seem tough on Allen’s development but if he is struggling that could also hurt his future.