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The reason Bills fans are sending Von Miller loads of toilet paper

Von Miller, Bills

Von Miller is enjoying his first training camp as a member of the Buffalo Bills, and he revealed the bizarre way that Bills Mafia has made him feel right at home. After some comments Miller made during the first week of camp, in which he made a remark about the toilet paper, the veteran linebacker got a taste of just how welcoming Bills fans can be. Miller revealed on Thursday that ever since those comments about toilet paper, he’s received a vast amount of TP in the mail, courtesy of Bills Mafia, via The Buffalo News.

“Football fans are great but Bills Mafia is different. I made one comment last week about the toilet paper at training camp and they haven’t stopped mailing me different kinds of toilet paper and plant-based wipes and all types of things,” Miller said.

Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty. Not only did Bills fans hook Miller up with more toilet paper than he could ever need, but they provided him with various different kinds wipes and toilet paper, including some plant-based products.

Miller signed a six-year deal with the Bills in the offseason, fresh off of winning the Super Bowl with the LA Rams. The longtime Denver Broncos linebacker is looking to help the Bills reach the Super Bowl in 2022, and clearly, he has the support of the NFL’s most passionate fan base. When Miller revealed the toilet paper wasn’t quite up to his standards, Bills fans answered valiantly by hooking him up with an endless supply of varying toilet papers and toilet paper alternatives.