An individual expressing enthusiasm and passion for their life goals is truly something to behold. It is even more special when the individual in question has already amassed a Hall of Fame football career, a Super Bowl MVP award and millions of dollars. Buffalo Bills linebacker Von Miller could just be focusing on getting healthy, but he is instead preparing for life after football.

Miller is taking everything in this week at the NFL Combine, a place he previously only ever attended while being a draft prospect out of Texas A&M in 2011. Going forward, he hopes to attend a lot of these events as a general manager scouting talent for a hopeful championship team. His dream to lead teams to Super Bowls both as a player and an executive stems from the legend who drafted him- John Elway.

“To be honest the dream, it really started with John,’’ Miller said of the Denver Broncos Hall of Fame QB-turned-successful GM, per Mike Klis of 9News NBC. “To see a former player come back in the league and be a GM and win a Super Bowl as a player and win a Super Bowl as a GM? Oh my gosh. That’s where the dream really started. John Elway won a Super Bowl on the field and off the field. He’s the GOAT.”

Miller (No. 2 pick in 2011) was the first player Elway selected as general manager of the Broncos. It paid dividends as the seven-time All-Pro locked down both Tom Brady and Cam Newton en route to the Lombardi Trophy in 2015-16. It was the franchise's first title since Elway rode off into the sunset in 1999. The transition from the field to the front office has produced mixed results, but Miller has a good person to emulate in Elway- despite his track record with drafting quarterbacks.

Miller, who missed the latter part of last season with a torn ACL, still has unfinished business with the Bills. Next season will again be Super Bowl or bust. The good news for them and the potential team that hires him to be their new general manager, though, is that No. 40's drive knows no bounds.