Steve Nash was never the same after his injury-ridden stint with the Los Angeles Lakers. He still got to play NBA ball after but if he was placed with the seven-second or less Phoenix Suns, Nash would no longer be able to run the fast-paced offense. The person assigned to him that night was Damian Lillard. The Portland Trail Blazers star finally admitted to his mistake and how it shaped his career, via The Back on Figg podcast.

“Opening night when we played the Lakers… When Steve Nash ended his career with his leg injury, he & I ran into each other. I actually like kneed him on accident,” Damian Lillard said about sending the Lakers and Suns legend off.

The Blazers star apparently took it as his welcome to the NBA moment but understandably feels a little bit of guilt after his action. Nash suffered a plethora of bodily damages afterward. He nursed a left leg injury and doctors would later find out about some nerve damage in the same spot. His back and hamstrings would also later get affected. He would only play in 65 appearances throughout a two-year span with the Lakers.

His illustrious career would have been the longest in NBA history. He could have also notched the all-time assist record if that night did not happen. Currently, he sits fifth behind John Stockton, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, and LeBron James.

Lillard, on the other hand, no longer wants to be in the same team that unfortunately caused Nash the injury. Will he finally get traded out of the Blazers soon?