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Brewers’ Christian Yelich rips MLB over lack of progress in lockout talks

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MLB fans, players, and media members alike are growing increasingly frustrated over the league’s current lockout and the lack of progress made towards a resolution. The MLB and MLBPA have not met since Dec. 2, but are finally expected to reconvene on Thursday to hold talks over a core-economics proposal, per Jeff Passan. While it’s encouraging that the two sides are finally meeting, it’s ridiculous how slow the process has moved. Milwaukee Brewers star outfielder Christian Yelich took to Twitter on Tuesday to voice his frustration over the lagging lockout discussions.

Yelich’s reaction to Passan’s latest update is exactly how all baseball fans are feeling right now. The Brewers outfielders’ gif featuring Barstool’s Big Cat perfectly sums up the frustration that fans of America’s sport are enduring.

Already approaching the midway point of January, the fact that the MLB and MLBPA have yet to sit down with each other this far into the offseason is alarming. While the meeting is scheduled for Thursday, there’s no telling how much progress will be achieved, if any.

Players are sick and tired of being stuck in this form of limbo and are desperate for the two sides to come to an agreement on the CBA in order to get back to business as usual.

Having a former MVP take to social media to call out the league could be the wake-up call the two parties need in order to finally make some progress. Hopefully, the Brewers star’s rally cry can start getting things in motion, because the lack of headway made thus far does not bode well for the 2022 season.