The Melvin Gordon sweepstakes is over. The running back has inked a two-year, $16 million deal with the Denver Broncos. How do we know this? Well, famed NFL reporter Ian Rapoport broke this information on the mean streets of Twitter.

This is obviously a good get for the Denver Broncos.

The entire franchise is headed in a new direction it seems. No longer elite, Elway decided to let Joe Flacco go the way of the dinosaurs, keening in on a new era at the gunslinger position. Then again, the Flacco era wasn't really all that long, or good, or special. It was just mostly a thing.

As for Mevlin Gordon, he no longer has to worry about the Los Angeles Chargers not paying him. The deal with Denver has, as mentioned in the above tweet, 13.5 million American dollars guaranteed in it. For those unaware, that is a lot of money.

While most of the country is currently focused on the global pandemic, the Denver Broncos are having a rather solid offseason. The only huge loss so far was Chris Harris Jr. leaving the franchise, but sometimes life happens. Otherwise, Denver fans will have a new-look offense to play with when the next Madden arrives.