The Cleveland Browns suffered a devastating road loss to the Los Angeles Rams in Week 13 of the 2023 NFL season. This has left fans and analysts alike searching for answers. The Browns were thoroughly outplayed in all three phases of the game. As the dust settles on this demoralizing defeat, it's time to take a hard look at the key personnel who are most to blame for this embarrassing performance.

Week 13 Loss

In Week 13 of the 2023 NFL season, the Browns absorbed a 36-19 loss against the Rams. Joe Flacco made his debut as the starting quarterback, stepping in for the injured Dorian Thompson-Robinson. Although Flacco led the Browns to an early touchdown on the opening drive, a crucial late interception played a role in the team's downfall. The Rams, led by quarterback Matthew Stafford, took advantage of the turnover. It helped them secure the win and improve their season record.

This loss brought the Browns to a 7-5 record, while the Rams' victory bolstered their playoff aspirations. The game showcased the Rams' formidable defense, highlighted by a pivotal late turnover that sealed their triumph. Matthew Stafford's three touchdown passes and the Rams' ability to capitalize on the Browns' errors were decisive factors in the final result. The defeat posed a setback for the Browns in their pursuit of a playoff spot. It underscored the challenges they face amidst a myriad of injuries and the competitive AFC playoff race.

Having previously won five of their last six games, the Browns now find themselves on a two-game losing streak. The defeat to the Rams on the road exposed vulnerabilities, particularly on the defensive side. Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz's unit faced consecutive challenges from seasoned quarterbacks. Despite an initial standout performance from veteran Joe Flacco in his inaugural start as a Brown, the Rams' consistent scoring drives proved insurmountable for Cleveland.

Here we will look at the four Cleveland Browns who are most to blame for their Week 13 loss vs. the Los Angeles Rams.

Jim Schwartz

Let's be blunt here. The so-called top-tier Browns defense has been outperformed in consecutive weeks, particularly against seasoned quarterbacks. In this game, defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz faced a substantial coaching mismatch against Rams head coach Sean McVay. While the offense typically shoulders the blame, this week saw an already depleted offensive unit constantly playing catch-up. It's a hefty demand for a team on its fourth quarterback, missing key offensive playmakers, and dealing with multiple injuries.

Rams QB Matthew Stafford effectively nullified any pass rush, distributing the ball quickly and exploiting open receivers. Schwartz's defense failed to create turnovers, leaving them vulnerable on both fronts. The upcoming challenges against Doug Pederson and Trevor Lawrence will test Schwartz and his defensive unit even more.


The absence of cornerback Denzel Ward continued to prove detrimental to the secondary's performance. With Ward sidelined for two consecutive games, the passing defense suffered considerably. The lack of a reliable cornerback capable of handling one-on-one situations became a glaring issue. While schematic coaching deficiencies were evident, having a shutdown cornerback like Ward could significantly impact future matchups. As the Browns prepare to face the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 14, the return of Ward becomes crucial for containing wide receiver Calvin Ridley.

Pass Rush

For the first time this season, the Browns' highly-regarded defense failed to record a sack. Despite making some stops and offering the offense opportunities, the defense, known for its impact plays, fell short against the Rams. The absence of negative plays for the offense allowed the Rams to dictate the game. Defensive back Kahlef Kaillaissie's lone tackle for loss in the fourth quarter was the only instance behind the line of scrimmage. The Browns recorded no other tackles for loss, no sacks, and a mere two quarterback hits and pass deflections. This underscored the pass rush's disappointing performance.

Myles Garrett looking worried, with question marks and medical red cross around him

Ground Game

Browns running back Jerome Ford should have been more productive. Instead, he struggled on the ground, carrying the ball nine times for a mere 19 yards in the loss to the Rams. While Ford's ground game efficiency remained a concern, he salvaged his performance with a 24-yard receiving touchdown in the first quarter. Ford's versatility was showcased with three catches for 33 yards, bringing his season total to six all-purpose touchdowns. Still, we need Ford to be a stronger anchor of a very uneven offense.

Looking Ahead

The Cleveland Browns' Week 13 loss to the Los Angeles Rams exposed significant challenges across various facets of the team. Defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz faced scrutiny as the defense struggled to contain Matthew Stafford and the Rams' offensive prowess. This was compounded by a lack of turnovers and strategic shortcomings. The absence of cornerback Denzel Ward also underscored the vulnerability of the secondary. This emphasized the need for key players to step up. The pass rush, typically a strength for the Browns, faltered by failing to record a sack. This allowed the Rams to dictate the tempo. Meanwhile, running back Jerome Ford's difficulties on the ground highlighted the offensive struggles. As the Browns navigate a competitive NFL season, addressing these issues becomes imperative for a successful playoff push.