After the Cleveland Browns confirmed the successful knee surgery of Nick Chubb, plenty of fans showed their support for the star running back and expressed their delight about the fact that the injury isn't career-ending. However, other supporters and some medical experts on X (formerly Twitter) couldn't help but be concerned over the update.

For those who missed it, the Browns shared that Chubb is expected to return at some point in the 2024 season. It was a massive sigh of relief to the fans who feared the worst for the star RB, especially since Chubb already tore his ACL in college.

“This is still a far more encouraging outlook than what could have been after his recent injury. All good wishes to Nick Chubb as he embarks on this next recovery chapter,” Stephania Bell of ESPN wrote.

Another optimistic supporter said, “No doubt that Nick will be an animal in the rehab process, well wishes in the recovery! And best to all of those HCPs that work behind the scenes and will be involved in the rehab process!”

“Some greater clarity on the damage Chubb sustained. Incredible it was only that and not more,” a third commenter said.

However, some people couldn't help but point out that there is still some damage to Nick Chubb's ACL contrary to what was recently reported. Initially, it was said that Chubb only tore his MCL and that it's believed his ACL was just stretched and not damaged. However, the fact that four-time Pro Bowler needs another surgery to fix his ACL suggests otherwise.

“The fact they are staging surgery indicates serious capsule + MCL injuries. They would repair this, await some healing then proceed w[ith] arthroscopic ACL reconstruction. So initial reports he ‘only injured MCL' are not accurate. With the ACL surgery, he is out at least 9 months,” sports orthopedic surgeon David Abbasi wrote.

“So yeah, it wasn’t just his MCL. Bummer, but after what we saw – not at all unexpected. Frankly, I was shocked it was reported as ONLY an MCL tear,” a X user added. Another one had similar sentiments, noting: “S not as rosy as the reports said last week.”

“So from the sounds of this it was more than just the MCL. Sounds like it was the meniscus and ACL too,” a disappointed fan furthered.

Nick Chubb has yet to speak out about his surgery, and it might take some time before he opens up about his situation since he'll need to heal and prepare himself for his next procedure.

Hopes are high that Chubb will be able to return sooner rather than later. The important thing now is that the Browns have a clear plan to get him back to his full health.

Nick Chubb  injury: How it happened

Browns, Kevin Stefanski, Nick Chubb, NFL injury

Nick Chubb sustained his injury in the Browns' Week 2 showdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the second quarter of the game as he was trying to rush to the end zone, Chubb saw Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick fall on his left knee. It caused Chubb's knee to bend awkwardly, with replays of the incident showing how severe the snap is.

Chubb was quickly carted off the field as a result, and he has been out ever since. Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski confirmed in his  presser after the game that the issue is “significant” and that the former Georgia standout would be out for the rest of the season.

It remains to be seen how long Chubb will really need to recover, but sure enough, it's best for him to take his time and not rush his return.