Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has been slapped with a six-game suspension for the sexual misconduct allegations thrown at him. However, the NFL is clearly not satisfied with the punishment and reportedly wants more.

As reported earlier, the league has filed an appeal on Judge Sue Robinson's ruling on Watson's case, noting that they want a “significant punishment” for the QB–more than just the suspension given. Now according to Jeff Darlington of ESPN, the NFL is seeking to get Watson an “indefinite suspension” as well as a fine. The earlier ruling on Watson's case didn't include a monetary punishment, though he's slated to lose some money as a result of missing games–albeit a measly $345,000 in total due to his contract structure that includes more guaranteed money and a massive signing bonus.

“I'm told NFL is appealing for an indefinite suspension that would be a minimum of one year. But perhaps more significant given the structure of Watson's contract, source tells me the NFL's appeal will also include a monetary fine. Money is now a significant part of the equation,” Darlington reported.

For what it's worth, multiple experts and people with knowledge of the situation predicted the appeal and the harsher punishment the NFL wants. In a separate report on Tuesday, Aaron Wilson of Pro Football Network said that there's “a strong belief that the NFL will bow to public pressure and that Goodell or an arbiter he appoints will augment the punishment imposed” on Watson,  highlighting the possibility of additional game suspensions and a multi-million dollar fine.

It remains to be seen if the league's appeal will be approved and what ends up happening to Watson. Nonetheless, it can't be any good news for the Browns, who were probably hoping to move on from the issue and focus on their training camp.