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Chargers QB Justin Herbert’s brilliance catching the eye of Lamar Jackson ahead of Week 6 clash

Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, Chargers, Ravens

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert is showing out early on this season, guiding his team to a 4-1 start. His brilliance has caught the eye of Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson, who is preparing for a Week 6 clash with the former Oregon standout.

Ahead of the matchup, Jackson hit the Chargers signal-caller with the ultimate praise. Via Pro Football Talk:

“I really haven’t watched those guys like that, but I do see him on Instagram and stuff like that, flashing around, doing his thing,” Jackson said in his press conference. “He’s a very talented quarterback, and he’s been doing his thing. Hopefully, it slows down a little bit when we’re playing against him. We don’t want to hype him up too bad this week. But he’s definitely been balling out — balling out of control.”

Indeed, Herbert is balling out on control for the Chargers. The second-year QB has an impressive 67.2 completion percentage while throwing for a ridiculous 1,576 yards in five games. On top of that, he’s completed 13 touchdowns and been intercepted just three times. Last week, LA pulled off a thrilling 47-42 win over the Cleveland Browns, much in part to Herbert, who dished out four passing TDs on the day.

Sunday will be the first meeting between Herbert and Jackson. Maybe, it will be the start of an AFC rivalry as well, given they’re two of the most exciting quarterbacks in the NFL.