Chargers news: Los Angeles 'receptive' to possibly trading out of the first round of the NFL Draft
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Chargers ‘receptive’ to possibly trading out of the first round of the NFL Draft

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The Los Angeles Chargers had an amazing season last year. The team went 12-4, and won a playoff game. They’re in a window of contention right now, and need to maximize it while Philip Rivers is still playing at a high level.

As they look to keep up with the Chiefs in the AFC West and contend for a championship next year, they have a crucial draft ahead of them.

Thanks to their great record last year, the Chargers aren’t slated to pick until 28th. Speaking at his pre-draft press conference, Chargers general manager Tom Telesco said the team will be open to trading down to stockpile more picks, per the team’s official site.

“We’re always receptive to it. We go through a lot of different scenarios as far as trading back,” Telesco said.

He did caution that if they do move back they won’t want to move back too far, saying “We’d certainly be receptive to it…If you did trade out of the first round, ideally you wouldn’t want to go too far back into the second round.”

“A lot of that is dictated by what your board looks like at that point. A lot of those trades are going to happen on the clock, so we would know who’s available, who’s left. If we move back, how far could we go and try to make an estimation if we go back to a certain point, could we still get a player that we really like. It’s great to pick up extra picks, but also I want to make sure whoever we take with that first pick — whether it’s a first-round pick or we trade back into the second — it’s a player that we really, really love, not just a guy that we like but we got an extra draft pick to go along with it,” he continued.

Telesco’s reasoning makes a lot of sense. The Chargers need players who can immediately slide in and help the team compete for a championship, not players who will take a while to develop.

The Chargers aren’t rebuilding, so they might just want to take the best talent available instead of going for volume.

The Chargers have been linked to some of the top passers in each of the last two drafts as they consider taking a successor for Rivers, but they’re still unlikely to use an early pick on a quarterback when they could get a day one starter at another position.