Chargers news: Philip Rivers said 'that's what you get' to Matthew Judon
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Chargers QB Philip Rivers said ‘that’s what you get’ to Matthew Judon, who hurt himself on late hit

Philip Rivers, Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers made his thoughts on a certain play known to Baltimore Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon in the first half of Sunday’s AFC Wild Card Game.

The Chargers are out to a good start with a 12-0 lead at halftime, with neither offense being able to do a ton in the first 30 minutes of action.

However, that didn’t stop Rivers from letting Judon know about a hit that led to the Ravens linebacker getting hurt on a play.

From ESPN’s Eric Williams:

Philip Rivers hollers “That’s what you get” at Ravens defender Mathew Judon hurt himself hitting the veteran quarterback after that play.

Both teams are getting quality contributions from their defenses, but it’s been Rivers that has looked like the best quarterback on the field.

Lamar Jackson has struggled early on in his first career playoff game, and that hasn’t been a problem for Rivers, despite not finding the end zone just yet.

This has certainly been a big change from when the two teams played in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, as the Ravens controlled that game and were able to pick up the 22-10 win in moving a step closer towards an eventual playoff spot.

But right now, it’s Rivers and company that have the advantage, and they’ll hope to keep that momentum going in the second half with the Ravens likely to come out of the locker room with a more focused approach.