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Chargers QB Philip Rivers ‘under no immediate stress’ to get contract extension done

Longtime Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is currently gearing up to enter the final year of his contract with the AFC West franchise. However, the veteran signal caller doesn’t seem to be too focused on signing an extension with the Chargers and would be content heading into free agency come next offseason.

“I’m thankful for that if that opportunity comes, but I’m fine right where we are,” Rivers recently said, via NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk. “I’m under no immediate stress or urgency to get this done. If that means playing it out, that will be fine. It really will.”

Nonetheless, Rivers obviously wants to remain with the only franchise that has employed him during his NFL playing days.

“I’d be fine with it and we could look at it again in the early spring if that in fact is how it plays out,” Rivers went on to add. “I really have no goal, or see it playing a certain way. I really don’t. I’m very at peace with where it is right now. I’m under contract this season and I’m excited for this team and our opportunities.”

The 37-year-old quarterback is currently leading a team that has a real shot at reaching the Super Bowl as a result of the 2019 campaign. Though the surging Kansas City Chiefs also play in the always dangerous AFC West division, the Chargers have most certainly encountered a much better offseason than their rivals in Missouri. It is also worth noting that both the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders improved this offseason as well.