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Chargers’ Philip Rivers will continue to commute from San Diego to Los Angeles every day

Phillip Rivers

The Los Angeles Chargers might have moved on from San Diego, but that doesn’t mean they have completely left the city they used to call home. According to Peter King of NBC Sports, Philip Rivers will continue to make the trek every day from San Diego to the Chargers’ practice facility in Los Angeles.

It was an arrangement that was worked out last year with Rivers hiring a driver so that he could watch film on his way home, and the quarterback said it worked out well enough that they have decided to do it again.

“Yup,” he said. “Worked great last year.”

Rivers had a driver, and had a $200,000 luxury SUV fitted with two captains chairs, a 40-inch TV and video apparatus so he could watch video both ways.

“It averaged about an hour and six minutes in the morning. Maybe 90 minutes at night, you know, when there was more traffic. But that’s okay. Just popped in third-down or red-zone [tape to analyze], and I’m good to go.”

Although it seems like an odd arrangement, it works for the Rivers family. Rivers and his wife have seven kids, so it makes sense to not want to uproot them with maybe only a few years left in his career.

The hour also gives him some good time to watch film. Expectations are high for this Chargers team, and how far they can go starts with the play of Rivers under center.