I suppose that there's no need to provide a game summary, because at this point, you surely are aware of how things went down in Super Bowl 58. But what often gets lost in the shuffle in the aftermath of the game itself are some of the in-the-moment reactions from the players and coaches involved in the outcome. And last night, after what will certainly go down as one of the greatest games in Super Bowl history, there was no shortage of noteworthy celebratory responses from all members of the Kansas City Chiefs organization.

One member of the Chiefs who gained as much as anyone from this Super Bowl win was Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, who is now officially on the shortlist of greatest head coaches ever. Reid became only the fifth coach in NFL history to win at least three Super Bowls, but it wasn't just that he was on the winning side of things. Down the stretch of the game, he and Patrick Mahomes orchestrated multiple picture-perfect drives that first kept the Chiefs in the game, and in the end, won the game for Kansas City. It's no secret that Andy Reid can call plays with the best of 'em, just don't ask him whether or not you should call the Chiefs a “dynasty.” On that front, he's going to need some help from the reporters asking the questions, or a thesaurus.

“I don’t know if it’s a dynasty, you guys are the ones with a thesaurus,” Reid said after the game, per Zak Keefer of The Athletic, when he was asked if what Kansas City has managed to accomplished qualifies them as a dynasty.

Respectfully, Coach Reid, no thesaurus is needed. Before the game, when asked a similar question, Patrick Mahomes made some waves when insisted that the Chiefs would be a dynasty if they were to win Super Bowl 58. This is what I had to say about it:

“Anyone who is surprised by Patrick Mahomes' answer just hasn't been paying attention. We're witnessing what could go down as one of the most successful and historic runs in NFL history. With a win, Andy Reid secures his place on the Mount Rushmore of NFL coaches. Travis Kelce joins Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski, and a handful of others on any list of the greatest pass catchers in league history. And Patrick Mahomes fast-tracks himself into the Greatest of All-Time debate, perhaps putting him on a tier all by himself, with only Tom Brady ahead of him.”

And because I stopped short of saying it directly, allow me to amend that mistake: the Kansas City Chiefs are without question an NFL dynasty. And as long as Mahomes and Reid are there, it may not end any time soon.