Sometimes, newsbreakers like Adam Schefter of ESPN get to the latest updates on players' transactions before the same players can learn about them. This seems to be the case with Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones' agents appearing to know the massive extension deal for their client with the reigning Super Bowl champions from, well, Schefter.

Schefter, during a recent episode of his podcast, said that he messaged Jones' agents to congratulate them in advance which they seemed stunned to learn about.

“They’re paying a premium for Chris Jones, it’ll be the highest average annual salary ever given to a defensive tackle but that was really in the end what got the deal done. You know what, I texted his agents on Saturday morning, I said, ‘Hey this deal’s getting done congratulations in advance,': Schefter said.

“They said uh you’re telling us something we don’t know, I said well that is my job to break news, I’m breaking it to you right now that deal’s getting done and that’s what I told him Saturday morning. And low and behold, they were able to work out enough particulars to get it done Saturday night as I suspected they would,” Schefter added.

It is possible that Jones' agents were simply trying to be secretive about the update, but either way, the deal has become official, with the Chiefs inking the defensive star to a five-year deal worth $158.75 million with a dizzying guaranteed money of $95 million.

In the 2023 NFL season, Jones had 10.5 sacks and 20 solo tackles in 16 games for the Chiefs, who went on to defeat the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl 58.