The Kansas City Chiefs have gone through some changes this offseason. Losing a number one wide receiver is never easy, and the Chiefs have been doing their best to retool in a competitive AFC. Things have gone somewhat smoothly thus far, but under the radar is rumblings of future problems. Reports have emerged that contract talks have fell through with star offensive tackle Orlando Brown Jr.

NFL insider Tom Pelissero got details on the negotiations from Brown's agent and revealed them on Twitter:

“We got really close,” Brown's agent told Pelissero. “We're dealing with the Chiefs and we understand their position as well. I’m not gonna let these athletes sign a flashy contract without the substance or security there.”

According to Pelissero, Brown was given the highest possible signing bonus and a large sum of money. However, it's obvious that wasn't enough for Brown's camp. Full contract details remain unrevealed, but it seems as though a lack of guaranteed money was the problem.

Brown's concerns about security is warranted. He's a three time pro-bowler and one of the best OTs in the game right now, but a 6'8″, 360 pound frame is difficult to keep healthy. The desire for guaranteed money as insurance for injuries or wear and tear is common amongst top linemen.

As of right now, Brown is expected to play out the year for the Chiefs under the franchise tag. Kansas City fans are hoping the front office can make things work with Patrick Mahomes' chief of security, but things are looking dicey at the moment.