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Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes’ fiery statement on Eric Bieniemy not having a head coaching job

Patrick Mahomes, Eric Bieniemy, Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes cannot believe offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy could miss out on a head coaching gig for a third straight year.

Bieniemy was once again a top candidate for essentially every vacancy. But unless he is hired by the Houston Texans, the Chiefs offensive coordinator will have to wait another year to go after a head coaching gig.

Mahomes said Friday it is absurd Bieniemy has yet to be hired:

It’s crazy, would be the best word to describe it,” Mahomes said in his press conference, via Myles Simmons of ProFootballTalk. “To see the stuff that comes out and then knowing the man that he is and the coach that he is every single day, you don’t understand where the stuff comes from. You understand how great of a coach he is, how great of a person he his, how great of a leader he is. And so, it’s crazy that he hasn’t gotten his chance to become a head coach.

“But I promise you, he’ll keep grinding and keep getting better and better and keep helping us out — which is a positive at the end of the day. And, hopefully, help us continue to go to these AFC Championship Games and go to more Super Bowls.”

It is still possible the Texans decide to hire Bieniemy. They are the final team with a vacancy, and thus can afford to wait until the Chiefs’ playoff run ends before making a decision.

There might be added incentive to hire Bieniemy. Houston still faces tremendous uncertainty with respect to Deshaun Watson’s future. Perhaps hiring Bieniemy would convince Watson the Texans are serious about building around him.

Bieniemy said Thursday he wants to be a head coach, but also stressed the importance of focusing on the task at hand as the Chiefs prepare to face the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Whether the Texans tab Bieniemy has yet to be determined. But Mahomes feels his OC deserves a shot as a head coach.