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Patrick Mahomes’ former teammate compares vaccine bands to racial segregation

Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes, Anthony Sherman

Former Kansas City Chiefs fullback and teammate of Patrick Mahomes, Anthony Sherman, took to Twitter to share his opinion on the NFL’s COVID-19 guidelines. Multiple players have bashed the NFL’s new guidelines, and Sherman is the latest to join the club.

According to Sherman, the NFL’s rule of “making players wear colored wrist bands based on vaccination status” infringes on basic rights. He takes it a step further and compares it to segregation in the 1960s.

Quite the take to share, as knowing who and who isn’t vaccinated isn’t even close to the same situation as segregation during the Civil Rights movement. The Chiefs’ former fullback continues to share his opinions via Twitter, claiming the new COVID-19 guidelines are strictly a “woke” decision made to look better in the public eye.

This is nothing new lately, as we’ve seen other NFL players take to social media to voice their complaints. The most notable is Cole Beasley of the Buffalo Bills, who recently gave a lengthy statement chock full of misinformation. Albeit, these guys are expressing their opinions and don’t want to receive the vaccination, or they disagree with the NFL’s COVID-19 guidelines. All of that is fine, however, spreading misinformation amongst the masses isn’t helping anything at all.

While Anthony Sherman enjoys retirement, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are busy in training camp preparing for the 2021 NFL season. In a recent report, head coach Andy Reid expressed how pleased he was that his team was one of 18 franchises that are at least 90% vaccinated. Based on the new rules this year, being vaccinated is a huge advantage moving forward, as it’ll help teams avoid potential forfeits.

We’ll see how the NFL season plays out, as we could be in for another wild ride. The Chiefs aim to be one of the best teams in the league yet again, as their roster is stacked for another deep playoff run.