Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes appeared to suffer a concerning ankle injury late in the second quarter of their Week 3 showdown with the Chicago Bears.

During a play with just seconds left on the clock, Bears defensive end Yannick Ngakoue fell on Mahomes' right foot after the Chiefs QB threw the ball. Mahomes was obviously hurt and can be seen limping off the field.

It's certainly a concerning sight for Kansas City and its fanbase. Ngakoue fell hard on Mahomes' ankle, with video replays showing that the Chiefs star's ankle got twisted.

Patrick Mahomes completed 20 of his 27 passes for 220 yards and two touchdowns before the scary moment. Kansas City entered halftime 34-0. Sure enough, it would be a brutal blow if Mahomes ends up sustaining a significant injury.

Fortunately for the Chiefs, Mahomes seemed to be doing okay as he returned to the field and started in the second half. Hopefully, though, the ankle injury is no longer bothering him and it won't be an issue moving forward.

With the Chiefs dominating against the Bears as well, it might be wise for head coach Andy Reid and the coaching staff to pull out Mahomes sooner rather than later and avoid risking him for a potential injury. The game is basically out of reach anyway, thanks in large part to Kansas City's great balance of offense and defense.

After the Week 3 showdown with the Bears, Mahomes and co. play the struggling New York Jets–who are without former MVP Aaron Rodgers–in Week 4.