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Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes surpasses Dan Marino as fastest to throw 60 career passing TD’s

Patrick Mahomes, Dan Marino

The legend of Patrick Mahomes continues to rapidly grow with him doing things we’ve never seen done by a quarterback. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback surpassed Dan Marino on Sunday as the fastest quarterback to throw for 60 career touchdowns.

Mahomes is essentially a player that you would create in Madden but he’s turning it into reality. Just 20 games into his career, the fearless quarterback has thrown for 60 touchdowns with the Chiefs.

Impressively, Mahomes was able to achieve the record with five fewer games than Marino did with the Miami Dolphins. Furthermore, Mahomes has averaged three passing touchdowns per game that he has played in. That is insanity.

Along with surpassing Marino’s touchdown record, the Chiefs signal-caller also passed Kurt Warner for the most games with 300-plus yards (13) in his first 20 games. Having your name mentioned with Marino and Warner is never a bad thing.

In just his first 20 games in his career, Mahomes continues to defy what is real and what isn’t real. From his no-look passes to his effortless 75-yard bombs, it’s safe to say we’ve never seen anyone like him.

The Chiefs have absolutely benefitted from him being under center for the past couple of seasons. With a win in Week 3 over the Baltimore Ravens, the Texas Tech alumn has begun both of his seasons as the starter with a 3-0 record.

Now, moving forward, the jaw-dropping passer will continue to keep his eye on the prize of getting Kansas City to the Super Bowl.

However, along the way, he will proceed to smash NFL records with ease.