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Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs react to Travis Kelce’s shocking reveal on his own name

Patrick Mahomes Facts, Chiefs

Travis Kelce has always been willing to give it all for his team. The Kansas City Chiefs star has led a league-wide movement that’s redefined the tight end position in the NFL. He’s always done everything that his team asks of him, and then some.

But Kelce’s latest revelation is taking that to the next level. Apparently, his name has been butchered by NFL announcers, fans, and teammates throughout his career. Instead of correcting them, the Chiefs star just decided to go with it to avoid any friction.

Check out Travis Kelce’s truth bomb that’s recently resurfaced, coming from the Chiefs tight end’s appearance on Barstool Sports podcastBussin with the Boys in November 2020.

Apparently, his last name Kelce is pronounced “kels” and not “kehl-see” like basically everyone calls him, even his Chiefs teammates. Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill both reacted to surprising news, seemingly unaware of the mistake that Travis Kelce has had to live with for years.

But if you ask the Chiefs tight end himself, he’ll tell you there’s no need to change how you pronounce “Travis Kelce” as he’s grown accustomed to it

Now that’s a team player. The Chiefs hope that Travis Kelce’s selflessness continues to pay off on the gridiron, however you want to pronounce his name.