The Kansas City Chiefs super-fan ‘Chiefsaholic' failed to show up for court Monday and a $1m bond has been issued for his arrest. ‘Chiefsaholic,' aka Xavier Babudar, is accused of robbing a bank in Bixby, Oklahoma in December of last year, reports Oklahoma's News On 6.

The ‘Chiefsaholic' reportedly held up a bank clerk at gunpoint and demanded $150,000, although it was later revealed to be a CO2 gun. When his original bond was posted, prosecutors warned that he was a flight risk. It looks like the prosecutors were correct in their judgment.

Babudar is believed to have removed his ankle monitor and fled. The story is still developing and Babudar's whereabouts are still unknown.

Across Chiefs Kingdom, Babudar has made a name for himself as his current Instagram handle Chiefsaholic. He was actually heading to a Chiefs game in Houston when he reportedly visited the bank he is accused of robbing.

In terms of the Kansas City Chiefs, this is the worst headline their franchise has been attached to in quite sometime. Coming off a Super Bowl victory and a busy start to the NFL off-season, this has to be a shocking report for those within the organization.

For Xavier Babudar, it looks like it will be awhile before having the chance to attend another Chiefs game. He was bonded out in February for $80,000, but that was before his recent behavior. A $1m bond will be much harder to come by for the Chiefsaholic.

Updates will follow on the status of Chiefsaholic and his location.