Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce is rumored to be dating Taylor Swift. The two are reportedly “hanging out“, but it's unclear exactly how serious their relationship is. Nevertheless, plenty of sports personalities have shared their thoughts on the Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift dating rumors. Stephen A. Smith is the latest sports pundit to weigh in, commenting on the situation via The Stephen A. Smith Show.

“So I've heard that Travis Kelce, my brother from another mother, I love that brother, he's one of the coolest people I know, he's possibly dating Taylor Swift,” Smith said. “Taylor Swift, you could do a lot worse! But so could he, because I haven't gotten over that Taylor Swift concert. I mean, she was off the chain. Getting that out the way, Travis Kelce with Taylor Swift… that's not bad. That's not bad now.”

Kelce is an extremely successful NFL player. That said, Swift is one of the most famous people in the entire world. Smith “doubts” that Kelce would be able to find anyone more successful than her.

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“I sincerely doubt that Travis Kelce will find anyone more successful than her,” Smith continued. “I mean, she made over $5 billion dollars in this concert tour. Travis Kelce is a Super Bowl champion. Champions like champions.”

Kelce and Swift are not even officially dating. Rumors tend to fly when it comes to potential high-profile relationships. Still, those rumors have drawn no shortage of reaction. Whether they are true or not, Stephen A. Smith clearly approves of Kelce and Swift potentially dating.