Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce tried to pull a fast one during his team's visit to The White House as Super Bowl champions on Monday. Sensing an opportunity while President Joe Biden's back was turned, Kelce snuck his way towards the White House microphone in the hopes of making a speech. Only, teammate and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, always two steps ahead, prevented Kelce from doing so in a comical clip that has since gone viral.

Mahomes, comically sensing that his Chiefs teammate was about go full Kelce on the White House microphone, called a quick audible and ushered the All-Pro tight end away from the podium.

“So, I've been waiting for this…”, Kelce said before Mahomes swooped in.

To the delight of onlookers, Mahomes put his hand on Kelce's back, gave a wave and guided the Chiefs star back to where the rest of his teammates stood.

To the dismay of Chiefs and football fans, there was no iconic Kelce moment from the White House microphone, no final diss of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Ever since the Chiefs embarked on their run to the Super Bowl- and even after- it seems as if Kelce's already-large celebrity has ballooned to even greater heights.

Whether the Chiefs star is firing back at the Cincinnati mayor for trash talking the Chiefs, clapping back at Bengals defensive back Mike Hilton for his “Burrowhead” dig, or spiking the “Lombardi Trophy” at a concert, fans simply can't get enough of Kelce.

This time, with Biden standing mere feet away, Mahomes gave the executive order and stopped a viral Kelce moment in its tracks.