Contract negotiations in any sports league will always be bloody. It comes to a point where even players taunt their teams about holding out for a season until they get paid. This rubs some fans in the wrong way because they see the holdout as a sign of arrogance. Chris Jones experienced this when he was trying to get a better contract and sat out in the Kansas City Chiefs' NFL Week 1 game against the Detroit Lions.

Chris Jones finally got a new contract that felt sufficient to him. The Chiefs player's tactic of sitting out when they faced the Lions worked and he is now back in action. But, he will never forget how certain fans blasted him for his choice to hold out in NFL Week 1. He had a very simple response to those negative comments, via Aaron Ladd of the Arrowhead Pride.

“I did take some of the stuff y’all said on Twitter personally. I keep receipts,” Jone declared with much pettiness.

He seems to have all the intention to play with a chip on his shoulder come the following weeks of the NFL season. All of it may be in pursuit of proving that he was worth the contract. This often increases a player's productivity given the amount of spite that they play with. Jones looks like he will be out to prove those doubters wrong by the end of the season. Will he be successful in this pursuit and be the difference maker for Andy Reid and the Chiefs?