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‘We’re gonna put double-sided tape in there’: Cincinnati football’s hilarious plan to avoid wild helmet issue from Arkansas game

Cincinnati football

Cincinnati football seems to have struggled with some helmets issues as of late. A few weeks ago, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams got involved in a practice scrum that involved some swinging helmets. Now, the Cincinnati Bearcats faced a different issue with their helmets against Arkansas.

During their college football game against the Arkansas Razorbacks, fans noticed something peculiar with Cincinnati’s players. In particular, their helmets seemed to cause them some issues. Helmets kept falling off the players’ head: something that wasn’t really supposed to happen. In one instance, it even cost the Bearcats during the game, giving up a 20-yard play after a helmet malfunction.

When asked about what they’ll do about the helmet situation, Cincinnati football head coach Luke Fickell had a rather hilarious suggestion. The head coach said that if worse comes to worst, the team may need to start using double-sided tape to secure the helmets.

Eventually, Fickell gave a serious answer to their helmet woes. Here’s what the Cincinnati football coach had to say. (via The Athletic)

“We’re going to tighten our chin straps a little bit. That was something that was out of the blue for us. Just can’t get comfortable playing a little looser with the helmet,” said Cincinnati football head coach Fickell. “Strap them up a little tighter. If they keep coming off, then we probably have a bigger issue, but I think tightening them down is going to get the job done for us.”

The Bearcats suffered a surprising loss to the Razorbacks during their college football season opener. Can Cincinnati bounce back in the next few weeks?