Load management has been in a lot of NBA fans' vocabulary. It is often done when a star player paces themselves, does not play in a nationally televised game, or when a coach decides to rest multiple stars against a losing team. This devalues some tickets and fan experiences given that they wanted to see a particular person play. Kawhi Leonard has become synonymous with the term. This was when he won the chip for the Toronto Raptors. He also carried over seemingly the same attitude in his team-up with Paul George and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Kawhi Leonard seems to have gotten full of the load management talk in the NBA. Whenever those two words get placed in a conversation, the Clippers star's name will always be dropped. He finally had enough and addressed this, via Tomer Azarly of ClutchPoints.

“When I was with the Raptors, it was different. I was coming off an injury. You have to know the details… If the NBA is trying to mock that, then they should stop,” Leonard said after there were talks about him deliberately missing games.

The league also has a new Player Participation Policy which Leonard could be aiming his statement at. It places hefty punishments on sitting a star player down for a nationally televised game, an in-season tournament, for the season, or if they get rested with another star.

But, the Clippers star knows that his and Paul George's window to win a championship is shrinking, “Other than that, if I’m able to play, I’ll play basketball.”

How many games will he be able to play for the regular season?