The Colorado football program will be returning to the Big 12 conference for 2024, and Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy revealed why he is excited for Colorado's return.

“I have really good memories of Colorado,” Mike Gundy said, via Stacey Blackwood of BuffaloesWire. “I enjoyed going to Boulder and playing. I think it's a beautiful stadium. I think the setting is very college footballish, for lack of a better term.”

The Colorado football program had its best year in the conference it is returning to. The conference also gives head coach Deion Sanders more of a Texas footprint, which is something he desired. Gundy knows that Deion Sanders' presence is a big part of what Colorado brings to the Big 12.

“I think they're excited to be in the league and with coach (Deion Sanders) being a part of Colorado football right now, it's a really good marketing tool for our conference,” Gundy said, via Blackwood. “I'm really excited about Colorado being a part and looking forward to them getting involved.”

It appears that Gundy is excited for Colorado to return and potential reignite a rivalry with them. It gives Gundy some good news, after he voiced his displeasure for Oklahoma leaving the conference, and likely ending that rivalry for the foreseeable future.

It will be interesting to see how Colorado fares back in the Big 12, and what other members could join the conference soon. There is speculation that Arizona, Arizona State and Utah could be added to bring the conference to 16 members.