The Colorado football program has been ravaged by the Spring transfer portal window lately. A flurry of players have decided to leave Boulder and head elsewhere in a bit of a surprising turn of events. One of the biggest losses is former five-star recruit Cormani McClain, who played just one season with the Buffs.

But, Deion Sanders left no reservations about McClain's decision and discussed what he hopes for regarding McClain's next program, per an interview with DNVR Buffs.

“I want the best for them…I pray to God that he goes to a program that challenges him as well as hold him accountable and develop him as a young man. Unfortunately, we weren’t the program that could accomplish that. So prayerfully that he understands that this is his second go-around and get it. Go get it, man. Because he has a tremendous amount of talent, but he has to want it.”

Even with Cormani McClain heading out, Deion Sanders hopes for the best for the talented transfer and admits they weren't the program that could make it work with him.

Cormani McClain's shaky tenure with the Colorado football program 

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Cormani McClain was one of the biggest additions for Deion Sanders after he became the head coach for the Colorado football program. McClain was all set to go to Miami (FL) before flipping and coming to Boulder. On top of that, the pairing of McClain and Travis Hunter had fans dreaming.

But, it never worked out for McClain in Boulder. He had a variety of different issues, including some eye-opening comments from Coach Prime at the start of the year regarding McClain's lack of playing time: “Study and prepare. Be on time for meetings, show up to meetings. Understand the scheme. I check film time from each player so I can see who’s preparing, so if I don’t see that you would be a fool to put somebody out there who’s not prepared. That goes for all our players.”

McClain did end up starting the final three games for the Colorado football team, but his time in Boulder did not go as expected.

Where will Cormani McClain end up? 

The suitors should be plenty for Cormani McClain. Even though his freshman year didn't go as expected, there is a ton of talent and a lot of reasons to be excited about the former five-star recruit. A couple of early leading candidates include USC and USF, although USF has suddenly become the team to watch, per Josh Newberg of On3.

There are other possibilities for McClain as he enters the portal. Nonetheless, things didn't work out for him in Boulder and now he will get a fresh start with a new program.