The Colorado football team became a band of celebrities early in the season with wins over big-name teams like Nebraska and 2022's national runner-up TCU football. Deion Sanders' crew appeared set for a successful season only to stumble to a 4-8 final record.

This offseason, the purging process has continued, with the latest news coming in regards to the dismissal of a former Florida State Seminoles transfer.

Colorado's stars have been busy announcing their status for the NCAA Football 2025 video game. Sanders has turned to an interesting strategy for securing new players on the recruiting trail.

With the offseason heating up, Sanders announced his team will be without a talented player heading into spring ball.

Bishop Thomas Dismissed From Colorado Football 

Bishop Thomas is a former three-star recruit from Florida State football who transferred to play for the Buffaloes in 2023.

A report from's Fan Nation has stated that Thomas has been dismissed from the team.

Thomas was suspended for a violation of team rules at the end of the 2023 season after having played 123 snaps for Coach Sanders team on the defensive side of the ball.

His Pro Football Focus rating ranked 31st of 39 defensive players for the Buffs last season. Thomas has three years of eligibility left as he explores options for play for other teams in 2024.

Black & Gold Spring Game Set for April 27 

Colorado football's Black & Gold Spring Game is set for April 27 according to a report from

Last season's Spring Game brought in over 47,000 people as expectations for the ‘Coach Prime' inaugural season reached a fever pitch.

Colorado football is hoping for a similar turnout this season with the Buffs returning for their second year under the former Dallas Cowboys defensive back.