Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder is under immense pressure to sell the franchise. Much of this pressure comes from other owners across the league. Indianapolis Colts' Jim Irsay is one of the owners that has been outspoken about his belief that Snyder should sell the team. Irsay tweeted a clip from South Park earlier today that seemed to emphasize his distaste for Snyder.

The clip depicts parodied characters of the NFL owners and the corruption that many assume falls under the NFL umbrella. Watch the clip and see the implication that a majority of the owners view themselves as above the league's jurisdiction. It also portrays Commissioner Roger Goodell as simply just a mouthpiece for the league.

South Park by no means represents the NFL, however Jim Irsay does. Irsay himself is no stranger to controversy, and trolling Dan Snyder publicly is clearly a tactic to keep the pressure on the Commanders owner. By tweeting this clip, Irsay openly recognizes the dysfunction associated with the NFL and suggests that Dan Snyder is a big reason why.

Rumors have been swirling for a while about who could potentially be in the running to acquire the Washington Commanders. The frontrunner looks to be founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos but there is still very little traction on a deal. Regardless of what happens with the franchise, it is clear there are many that encourage the sale. Not everyone uses South Park to convey their intentions, but Jim Irsay is not alone in believing new ownership is the best option for the future of the Washington Commanders.