Talk about one hell of a win! In a game where the Dallas Cowboys defense couldn't quite slow down the Seattle Seahawks, Dak Prescott put on one hell of a show. The star quarterback masterfully led the offense time and time again, trading blow for blow with Geno Smith. In the end, it was Dallas that came away with the victory on Thursday night.

Some fans were surprised by Prescott and his play against the Seahawks. For Dak, though, this was nothing more than the expected outcome for himself. The Cowboys star sets high expectations upon himself, and he sees to it that he achieves it every day, per ESPN.

“”My expectations, honestly,” Prescott said. “I put a lot in this game. I prepare my ass off. Got amazing coaches and players around me right now doing the exact same. So I just really think that's the expectations that I have for myself, the standard that we've created as an offense and how we're comfortable playing this game.””

Dak Prescott had one hell of a day for the Cowboys on Thursday. The star quarterback threw for 299 yards, completing 70% of his passing and throwing three touchdowns for good measure. It was the kind of performance that fans hope to see from Prescott in the playoffs consistently.

With the Seahawks completely steamrolling the Cowboys defense, Prescott and the receiving core had to step up. Thankfully, they did just that and then some. Dallas will now look towards a primetime matchup against heated division rivals Eagles next week.