It's a disappointing Sunday evening for Dallas Cowboys fans as America's Team didn't have what it takes to stop the New England Patriots. However, team owner Jerry Jones isn't extremely frustrated that his Cowboys cannot stop the Pats from getting their tenth win of the season.

He was asked by David Helman after their bitter 9-13 loss at Gillette Stadium if he was frustrated that his team cannot seem to close it out during winnable games such as the ones they just played against the Pats.

He did admit that he was frustrated, but his words tell a story that doesn't bode well for head coach Jason Garrett.

The final phrase he mentioned is a direct jab at the head coach, and Garrett should know that he needs to turn the ship around if he wants to stay.

It's undeniable that the team certainly has the talent to succeed. Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper, and Robert Quinn are just some of the outstanding players that play with the Dallas star emblazoned on their chest.

Moreover, there was no reason for them to lose a very winnable game. Tom Brady was a shell of his former self during the game as the passing problems that plagued them throughout the year reared its ugly head once again.

Yet Garrett failed to capitalize on the opportunity. He wasn't able to make the right plays to get that one touchdown that would have given them the lead.

It's now clear that Jones is looking for someone to blame for his team's misfortunes. And if this keeps up, he may find himself headed to the New York Giants during the offseason.