In a surprising turn of events, the rape case against actor Cuba Gooding Jr. took a dramatic twist as it was revealed on Tuesday that the accusations have been settled, according to court records. The trial, which was set to begin with jury selection in a New York federal court, was abruptly canceled moments before the jurors were to assemble, AP news reports.

The Oscar-winning star of Jerry Maguire had faced allegations that he raped a woman at a New York City hotel a decade ago. Gooding Jr. maintained his innocence and insisted that the encounter with the woman was consensual, emphasizing that they had met at a nearby restaurant.

A calendar entry in the official court record indicated the sudden cancellation of the trial, stating: “TRIAL OFF.” The reason given for the cancellation was that “the parties have resolved the matter.”

The anonymous accuser had filed the claim under the New York City “Victims of Gender-Motivated Violence Protection Law,” alleging that she suffered as a result of being a victim of gender-based violence. However, the federal judge handling the case ruled last week that the accuser must identify herself in an amended complaint to be filed before the trial. It is noteworthy that an amended complaint disclosing her identity does not appear on the public court docket.

Sources familiar with the case revealed to CNN that the ruling requiring the accuser to disclose her identity played a pivotal role in the case falling apart. One source stated that she did not wish to come forward publicly, and both legal teams worked over the weekend to reach a resolution to avoid proceeding to trial.

With the settlement, the legal saga surrounding Cuba Gooding Jr. takes an unexpected turn, leaving the specifics of the resolution undisclosed. The development marks a significant development in a case that had garnered substantial attention and underscores the complexities and challenges often associated with such high-profile trials.