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Deshaun Watson: Bold predictions for the Texans QB in Week 16 vs. Bucs

Deshaun Watson, Texans

Frustration is a common theme in the NFL. There are a number of teams that have Super Bowl talent on paper but barely scrape into the bottom half of the playoffs (looking at you, NFC East). The Houston Texans are one of those teams. They’ve shown tremendous potential in big games, like when they dominated the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football back in week 13. But they also have some baffling loses, like their week 14 dismantling at the hands of the Denver Broncos. It all starts with quarterback play. Deshaun Watson is one of the rising stars in the NFL and remained in the MVP race for much of the season. Watson will put up monstrous numbers when he faces the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 15 action, and the Texans will continue their march to the postseason.

Bold prediction #1: Watson throws for over 400 yards

At this point, I don’t know if this counts as a bold prediction. The Buccaneers have been completely awful against the pass, as shown by their 30th-ranked pass defense. Tampa Bay has allowed five passers to surpass the 300-yard marker, with one of those guys tossing for more than 500 yards. Five hundred yards in a single game. You have to be a special kind of bad to let that happen. But don’t take this mitigating Watson’s incredible ability. He’s been dropping dimes all season against far tougher competition than the Bucs, so more than 400 yards is definitely achievable.

Bold prediction #2: Watson tosses five touchdowns

Throwing for five touchdowns in a game is always impressive, no matter the opponent. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson proved that after eviscerating the New York Jets with five touchdown passes of his own. Only three quarterbacks have been able to throw for five touchdowns in a game in 2019. One is Jackson, one is Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and the third is our very own Watson. Watson pulled it off against the Atlanta Falcons, another team with terrible pass defense.

Bold prediction #3: Watson leads the Texans in rushing

Despite being awful at defending the air attack, the Buccaneers are great against the run. Teams have had an issue running the football against them all year, and for a middling rushing attack like Houston, that could mean trouble. When the ground game struggles, the Texans will simply go back to passing. After all, it is the far easier thing to do against Tampa Bay. Because of all the opportunities to drop back, Watson will have ample opportunity to scramble, something he does very well.