The Los Angeles Dodgers are hoping to secure 100 wins with a win over the San Francisco Giants heading into the 2023 MLB Playoffs. A win would add manager Dave Roberts' Dodgers to a group including the Braves and Orioles among 100-win teams.

The Dodgers made a key Lance Lynn roster move ahead of the playoffs that may surprise some fans. Dodgers infielder Miguel Rojas got real on the results of a HBP that led to a wrist injury.

On Monday night Dodgers beat writer Bill Plunkett revealed Roberts' thoughts on this season possibly being the last of Clayton Kershaw's career.

The Dodgers superstar is preparing for the playoffs now and that's the way Roberts would like to keep things.

“There’s no sense (of retirement talk)…I think that’s the way Clayton would want it. I think right now, we’re just solely focused on the postseason,” Robert said.

Roberts continued, adding context and additional thoughts to his answer.

“With Clayton, when you're as great as he's been for this length of time, there's certain fanfare that comes with it. It's not who he is… e’s just a very humble person. So I do think about it. I think there's an undertone this potentially could be his last regular-season game with the Dodgers.”

Kershaw took the mound on Saturday for the Dodgers, giving up one run and striking out three batters through three innings against the Giants.

Roberts continued with his retirement comment, saying that it wasn't something on the forefront of his mind.

“I don't know that,” he added about Saturday night possibly being Kershaw's final regular season start. “ So I don't let my mind go too far into that. But you know, when it happens, which is inevitable, we'll give it its due. But I just don't think that's what Clayton wants.”