Griselda rapper Westside Gunn has openly expressed his amorous intentions towards Doja Cat, with hopes of charming her away from her rumored boyfriend, J. Cyrus, HipHopDX reports. On Twitter, Gunn didn't mince his words, declaring, “I'm not gonna hold [you], I wanna steal [Doja Cat] from that weird-looking gamer dude they be saying racist.”

Gunn didn't stop there, envisioning a potential love story with the Planet Her star. “I'll take her to the hood, so she can wear all that [crazy] sh*t, have her eating at Dr. Bird's with a bald head and patent leather sundress. Y'all wouldn't be able to tell me sh*t,” he continued.

The “weird looking gamer dude” he referred to is J. Cyrus, the comedian and streamer who has faced accusations of manipulating and emotionally abusing members of his team and community. Cyrus, whose real name is Jeffrey Cyrus, has been spotted with Doja Cat in public since November 2022, sparking rumors of their relationship.

Despite the controversy surrounding Cyrus, Doja Cat seems determined to protect her alleged relationship with him. Earlier this month, she responded to a fan's disapproving comment on Instagram, making it clear that she disregards public opinions about her personal life.

Westside Gunn's public declaration of his intentions towards Doja Cat has sparked interest among fans, with many speculating on the potential love story between the two artists. As a prominent figure in the rap scene and a member of the Griselda crew, Gunn's affectionate aspirations have added an intriguing twist to the ongoing saga surrounding Doja Cat's romantic life.

While Doja Cat has not yet responded to Gunn's tweets, the rapper's bold expression of interest has certainly garnered attention from both fans and the media.