A huge reason for the Miami Dolphins' loss to the Kansas City Chiefs was their lackluster rushing offense. Mike McDaniel could not get anything started on offense when Tua Tagovailoa went cold with his passes. Raheem Mostert also just got 33 yards which was not at all great. But, all of that could change this coming season due to Derrick Henry.

The Tennessee Titans' superstar rusher has expressed his willingness to play for the Dolphins. Not only that, Derrick Henry also wished that he was actually drafted by the organization way back in 2016, via The Bussin with the Boys podcast.

“I wanted to go to Miami. I wanted to play for the Dolphins. That's where I wanted to go. That's where I thought I was going. I thought possibly I was gonna go to the Panthers. I thought a slim chance I was gonna come to the Cowboys. But, I probably figured they'd take Zeke when they did,” Henry declared.

Since that statement was released, a lot of people have been thinking that this was him ‘shooting his shot' to join forces with Tua Tagovailoa. He is an upcoming free agent and has also seemingly bid farewell to everyone in the Titans organization after their last game of the season. All of this was also backed up by new betting odds.

The Dolphins started out having +7,500 once the line opened. Now, they currently sit as the favorite with +1,000 odds to land Henry once NFL Free Agency season comes around. His homecoming to Florida is becoming more and more likely as time passes by. Will Mike McDaniel and the front office make it happen?

Henry in the Dolphins rushing game

Raheem Mostert does give the Dolphins an average of 4.8 yards per carry. His 209 attempts also often bail out the air attacks by Tua Tagovailoa when they aren't working. But, Henry puts up generational numbers that could propel the Dolphins into a Super Bowl victory as soon as next season. If he is given the chance to pair up in this insane backfield, his averages of 4.2 rushing yards and totals of 1,167 for the season could grow by a lot.

He will need some time to fully acclimate into the Dolphins system. But, McDaniel has been known to tailorfit schemes that his players are comfortable with.