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Dolphins legend Jason Taylor vents about roughing the passer calls in the NFL

Jason Taylor

NFL pass-rushers have to deal with holds, chip blocks, elusive quarterbacks and now referees dogging them for being just a tad late getting to the quarterback. In a league dominated by the play of superstar quarterbacks, the NFL has taken strict precautions in protecting passers, including roughing the passer penalties that has made more enemies than friends, including one Miami Dolphins alum.

Dolphins legend and former sack maestro Jason Taylor is one of the enemies of the roughing the passer call. During the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars “Thursday Night Football” bout, the penalty got so bad that Taylor had to chime in on the situation.

In response to fellow former NFL pass rusher Justin Tuck’s calling the roughing the passer penalty non-sense, all Taylor, a six-time Pro-Bowler with the Dolphins, had to respond with is an “amen.”

The roughing the passer dilemma isn’t just causing raised tempers among the pass-rushing community; those receiving the hits aren’t too happen either. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady tweeted on Thursday that he was turning off the game until penalties stop.

The one play that caused all the controversy saw Titans outside linebacker Kamalei Correa hit Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew slightly after the release of the ball. Correa’s hit was of the shoulder to shoulder variety, nor could he necessarily turn around due to his momentum.

Should this have been a roughing the passer penalty (as it was called)?

Whether or not Correa’s hit should or shouldn’t have been a penalty, it was. In my eyes, similar to Taylor’s, it shouldn’t have been; many agree with that.