The Mike McDaniel vaping controversy has raged since the end of the Miami Dolphins season. The Dolphins coach was caught on camera in what looked like a compromising position, puffing on a vape pen during the team’s NFL playoff loss to the Buffalo Bills. Now, the coach has finally (kind of) set the record straight.

With the Dolphins up 24-20 in the third quarter of the 2022 AFC Wild Card Game vs. the Bills, cameras turned to McDaniel on the sideline while CBS announcer Jim Nance talked about the coach’s background as a Yale grad.

During that shot, the coach sneakily raised a closed fist to his mouth and seemed to suck something in before the camera quickly cut to another shot. Buffalo came back to win the game 34-31, and afterward, the internet lit up with discussion about Mike McDaniel vaping.

The Dolphins coach never confirmed if that’s what was happening until now.

In an interview with Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take, the hosts asked McDaniel about the incident, and he seemingly confirmed that it happened in his own unique way.

After joking that he’s not familiar with vaping technology, the coach did share a nugget that sets the record straight.

“I will leave you with this. In past lives, I have vaped,” McDaniel said. “Regardless, just the idea of that being something that people are talking about after a playoff game is annoying enough to provoke me to never do it again, and I’ve since quit.”

The 40-year-old coach also shared that he quit in “classic McDaniel style, cold turkey, just like [he quit] alcohol.”

So, it seems as though McDaniel did get caught vaping on the sideline during an NFL playoff game but learned his lesson about cameras capturing everything, and we’ll never see that from the Dolphins' head man again.