After the Miami Dolphins lost to the Kansas City Chiefs Saturday in ugly fashion, 26-7, what was an exciting season ends in disappointing fashion. Despite back to back playoff appearances, the Dolphins still haven't won a playoff game since 2000 which is now the longest drought as the Detroit Lions beat the Los Angeles Rams Sunday which is their first since 1991.

There is no doubt that Miami fans are frustrated with their team still having the inability to get over the hump. Dolphins star offensive tackle Terron Armstead sympathizes with the fans, saying that those feelings extend with the team and everyone around the organization according to USA Today's Safid Deen.

“We understand the hardship from the fan base and not seeing success, not seeing those big victories, we wear that too,” Armstead said to the media Monday. “We play and try to represent them the best way we can. Unfortunately we came short. We want that for them. We want them to get bragging rights and talk shit to their coworkers and friends across the league.”

It will be an interesting offseason for the Dolphins as there could be some decisions made on the personnel side with one of them on Armstead. With the offensive lineman being 33-years old and having an extensive injury history, retirement might be an option for the former New Orleans Saint as 2023 was a “Super Bowl or bust” season according to The Palm Beach Post's Hal Habib.

Armstead doesn't want to make big decisions right after the season

The Dolphins lost left tackle Terron Armstead to an injury against the Commanders

However, Armstead made sure to say that he does not make any rash decisions right after the season ends. He cites his faith and his family as being the steps he wants to take before he thinks about deciding anything for next season according to Alain Poupart of Sports Illustrated.

“I never make any any decisions right after the season, always take my time, process, talk to God, let him order my steps, talk to my kids,” Armstead said. “That's been my approach the last three offseasons, so it'll be the same approach this offseason.”

Armstead signed a five-year contract in 2022 which has three years left as he just ended his 11th season in the pros. However, the star acknowledges that life has passed him by while he focuses on football and competes on a high level.

“It's a balance, “Armstead said. “It's a balance. The body for sure. Definitely got to go out and be able to do it at a high level. I'm never going to be one of the players out there getting my ass whoopped ever. So got to be able to perform at a high level, body wise. And then my kids getting a little older. My twins are 11. They're playing basketball and my son is 6. So I want to talk to them. But I'd say it's let God order my step.”

Armstead said he is still having fun playing football 

While Dolphins fans are cringing realizing that the left tackle spot who could be empty without Armstead, it isn't a sure-fire decision that he is leaving the game. If anything, he implied that he would be done with it if he wasn't having fun and that is far from the case.