The Miami Dolphins defeated the Cleveland Browns Sunday, 39-18. With the win, they improved to 7-3 and are now the leaders of the AFC East after the Buffalo Bills overtime loss to the Minnesota Vikings. However, everyone will still talk about Josh Allen as the premier quarterback in the division. That's despite Tua Tagovailoa possessing far more impressive numbers.

Tagovailoa was drafted one pick before Justin Herbert in the 2020 NFL Draft. Yet, over the last two and a half years everyone has believed Herbert to be the far superior player.

Well, through 10 weeks this season, Tagovailoa has been by far the best quarterback among the three. Allen tossed two more interceptions Sunday. Herbert turned it over twice himself. Meanwhile, Tagovailoa continues to absolutely prove people wrong.

He tossed for 285 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions. The last time he threw a pick was Week 4 vs. the Cincinnati Bengals. During that time, Allen and Herbert have combined for 12 interceptions.

But it's not just the ability to limit turnovers that has brought Tua Tagovailoa to the MVP conversation. He has not lost a game this year that he started and finished. He's 7-0 in those circumstances and is remarkably 15-1 in his last 16 starts (outside of being knocked out of the Bengals game). That's an incredible statistic that most don't realize or don't want to acknowledge.

Football pundits still talk about Allen, Herbert and of course Patrick Mahomes as the elites in the game. But at some point, the quarterback that wins at the highest rate, with the best statistics behind it needs to be recognized.