The head-to-head matchup between the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills will always have NFL fans at the edge of their seats. A huge reason behind it is the quarterback battle of Josh Allen and Tua Tagovailoa. The loss was tough for the Dolphins but that did not mean that they did not go down without swinging. Their leader and quarterback was fairly tough throughout the matchup and it even caught the attention of Tony Romo. The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback even raised some eyebrows when he compared Tagovailoa to Tom Brady, via Dov Kleiman of Brobible.

“Tua is playing like Tom Brady in his prime,” were the words uttered by Tony Romo in the middle of the Dolphins and Bills game.

Members of the NFL faithful were either questioning the comparison or nodding in agreement. Fans just saw the Bills and Josh Allen school Tua Tagovailoa for the nth time in his career. The quarterback matchup, while exciting, heavily favored Allen. He got 21 completions out of 25 attempted passes. This also meant notching 320 passing yards and four touchdowns without an interception.

Tagovailoa was not as efficient but his 25 completions on 35 attempted passes were serviceable. The Dolphins quarterback notched a touchdown but also gave up an interception. All of these combined with the Week 4 loss had fans questioning the statement made by Romo.

But, there is no doubt that the Bills quarterback could have the same ceiling as Tom Brady. As of the moment, it may be because of their decimation of the Denver Broncos that had Romo claiming the similarity.

Will Tagovailoa eventually fulfill these expectations or is he already there?