With the Philadelphia Eagles losing three straight games after starting the year 10-1, everyone's asking what's wrong in Philly. Turns out, it might be losing their two coordinators this past offseason. The Eagles defensive woes have been heavily discussed, especially amid the play-calling change from Sean Desai to Matt Patricia. Now, the Eagles offense is getting looked at with more scrutiny.

The Eagles offense hasn't scored 20 points in any of their three losses. Their only dominant play at the moment is the tush-push, and the offense as a whole looks underwhelming with Brian Johnson calling plays. With the success of the Indianapolis Colts and former OC Shane Steichen, it's hard to not think that the Eagles miss their old OC.

Former NFL defensive lineman Chris Long, who spent two seasons with the Eagles from 2017-2018, believes that the loss of Steichen is the main factor hitting this offense hard.

“I think Shane's a wizard, we've seen that. He's tremendous, man,” Long said on the Pat McAfee Show. “I think they miss him. What they're running now is an imitation of that offense. Brian Johnson is doing the best he can, but when I watch their passing concepts t's like three curls and two flats, pretty much every time. You got Christian McCaffrey calling out plays on Monday Night Football, they seem predictable … Nick Bosa saying there's a blueprint and the whole thing. I do think they become predictable.

With an offense that features Jalen Hurts, DeVonta Smith, A.J. Brown, D'Andre Swift and a strong offensive line, there's no reason the Eagles should be struggling this much. However, there's only so much these players can do if the plays are too predictable for opponents, as Long pointed out. Hopefully for Eagles fans, Johnson can scheme up some more innovative plays and designs if Philadelphia wants a shot at returning to the Super Bowl.